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Egypt is building a new museum

07.06.2018 19:24 | views: 768

The museum brings unique artifacts from all over Egypt.

Until the end of 2018, near the pyramids of Giza in Egypt, will be built the world's largest museum dedicated to Egyptian civilization. Its construction will cost the country more than one billion dollars.

The construction of the Big Egyptian Museum involved about five thousand people who work around the clock, writes CNN. The area of ​​the building will reach 500 thousand square meters. For comparison: the area of ​​the base of the Cheops pyramid is about 52 thousand square meters.

For the erection of a building, the creation of halls and exhibitions, the most modern technologies are used, so that even experienced tourists would be interested here. A significant part of the outer walls will be completely glass, which will allow to see the magnificent pyramids of Cheops, his sons and the historical plateau of Giza. The pyramids are located only two kilometers from the museum.

"This will be a museum of the 21st century," said its director general Tarek Taufek.

A unique place is created not only for tourists, but also for the younger generation of Egyptians. Architects want young people to know more about the immense heritage left by an ancient civilization.

The museum will feature unique artifacts that were not shown to tourists before. Thanks to the new restoration methods, valuable collections of things from the pharaoh Tutankhamun, who died at a young age, and his wife Anchesamon will be exhibited here. It is the things of his era that will occupy almost a third of the museum. Each artifact will be somehow connected with thousands of other exhibits.

In addition, a modern restoration laboratory was created here, which became the largest and most powerful in the world. It is her workers who restore a lot of seemingly lost relics of ancient Egypt.

A lot of historical monuments will be transported from the museum in Tahrir Square in Cairo.

"The museum on Tahrir turned 117 years old," Taufek said. "He himself has already become an artifact and a legacy. Previously, it was a significant museum, but in decades it looks more like a crowded repository. "

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