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Egypt hotels filled

11.01.2018 22:51 | views: 860

The Egyptian tourist sector continues to actively come out of the crisis: according to local hoteliers, the load of a number of hotels located on the Red Sea during the New Year holidays has already reached 90%, and some of them are standing at the foot. So, according to the "Committee for the revival of tourism on the Red Sea", which lead the Egyptian media, in the near future Egypt is preparing to accept more than 100 thousand tourists from all over the world, primarily from Europe.

Recall, a little earlier, the company Broximal Media reported that in 2017, the travel agency of Belgium recorded a 50% increase in millet tours to Egypt compared to last year. According to experts, after a serious recession connected with terrorist attacks in the region, Belgian tourists began returning to Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh.

Moreover, this year Egypt again topped the rating of the most popular destinations among the inhabitants of the kingdom - according to Broximal Media, about a third of Belgian tourists who went abroad, spent their holidays in the resorts of Egypt.

Note that the sharp increase in demand for tours to Egypt this year is noted in many countries, including Ukraine. So, a little earlier in the Office for the Promotion of Tourism, Egypt reported that from January to November at the resorts of the country rested about 1 million travelers from Germany, which seriously exceeds the figures for the entire 2016, when the country was visited by only 654 thousand Germans.

In addition, even earlier, Egyptian media reported that in the third quarter of 2017, the foreign tourist flow to the resorts of the country increased by 55% compared to the previous year.

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