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Drawings on the sand of the Canary Islands

12.02.2019 18:04 | views: 571

In the Canary Islands, tourists decided to penalize for drawing and spelling their names on the sand of local beaches.

Reports about it

"In Gran Canaria, a member of the Canary Islands group, environmentalists are sounding the alarm. Tourists do irreparable harm to the sand dunes in the popular resort town of Maspalomas, leaving inscriptions and drawings on the sand, as well as laying out figures of volcanic stones. The most popular" works "are called giant hearts and names, which are sometimes visible on photos from Google Maps. Local authorities have already supported environmentalists and imposed impressive fines for sand drawings. Violators face a fine of 600 euros, and in some cases imprisonment "- says the publication.

It is noted that the sand dunes of the island of Gran Canaria are part of a natural reserve and are considered an important ecosystem of the archipelago. Environmentalists say: if you do not take measures, the natural beauty of these places can be lost forever.

Local authorities are planning to launch a special campaign on Gran Canaria in the near future, which will inform tourists about the importance of sand dunes. In addition, it is planned to increase the number of police patrols on the beaches.

Environmentalists also insist on the distribution of special leaflets instead of tourist cards at the airports of the Canary Islands.


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