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Cheese and wine festival in Lviv

19.10.2017 08:59 | views: 861

On October 19-22 a gastronomic festival "Cheese and Wine Festival 2017" will be held in Lviv.

The holiday of cheese and wine (Holy Silu and Wine) in Lviv in 2017 will be held for the eighth time. For 3 days on the square in front of the Palace of Arts, guests will be able to attend a large cheese and wine fair, which will feature both products of major producers and importers, as well as regional organic products. And all this with an interactive cultural program.

Bree, camembert, chablis, bordeaux, roquefort, cheese fondue and risotto with parmesan, traditional dishes of Ukrainian cuisine - all these and many others can be enjoyed at the VIII City Cheese and Wine Festival in Lviv.

Last year, within the framework of the festival, the Day of the Syrup was held on the square in front of the Palace of Arts. Everyone was treated to a giant Lviv cheese cake, which was baked according to ancient recipes.

The holiday of cheese and wine 2017 in Lviv will be a good occasion to learn more about the culture of cheese making and the tradition of winemaking in Lviv.

The objectives of the festival Cheese and wine festival:

- introduction of the tradition of holding an organized fair of two mutually complementary products that would bring together a wide audience of different ages;

- distribution and development of a culture of wine and cheese.

Venue of the festival Cheese and wine festival - square in front of the Palace of Arts (Copernicus Street, 17).

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