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Carry-on baggage limit in size

12.06.2015 10:28 | views: 1111

Several major manufacturers of luggage and travel bags have developed products that meet the new standards.

International Air Transport Association (IATA) has proposed to limit the size of cabin baggage allowed to be carried in hand luggage on planes, 110 centimeters in the sum of three dimensions. It is less accepted standards for most carriers.

This was reported on the official website of IATA.

A number of major international carriers have already announced their desire to join the initiative.

Under the new rules the maximum dimensions of baggage will be 55 by 35 by 20 centimeters. It is noted that the changes will affect the aircraft, the number of seats that exceeds 120. The standards were developed jointly by IATA member airlines and aircraft manufacturers to ensure that the best use of the space on board.

Senior Vice President Tom Vindmyuller IATA (Tom Windmuller) said that the measure will streamline the placement of hand luggage on airplanes. "The current (hand luggage), the situation might be unpleasant for passengers. The developed rules will help to bridge the gap and lead to the improvement of service" - said Vindmyuller.

IATA said that already several large suitcases and travel bags designed products that meet the new standards. They are expected to appear in retail sales this year.

The initiative is for IATA airlines recommendation. The publication writes that the introduction of new regulations in the near future, ready to Azul, Lufthansa, Emirates Airlines, Avianca, Qatar Airways, Cathay Pacific, China Eastern, China Southern and Caribbean Airlines.

To date, the IATA has more than 260 airlines around the world, including the "International Airlines of Ukraine" (Ukraine International Airlines). Association members provide 83% of total world air traffic.

The size of luggage permitted as hand luggage on planes MAU are limited in the amount of 115 centimeters three dimensions (55 by 40 by 20) and weighing in at 12.7 kilograms (depending on class of service). At the same time, many foreign carriers carry-on baggage rules even higher. For example, they make Alaska Airlines 129 centimeters sum of the three measurements (61 43 25).

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