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Bulgaria Embassy issues visas again

03.09.2016 10:04 | views: 908

Technical failure, for which two days the issuance of visas was suspended, was overcome. The process has resumed, but is going very slowly, so the diplomats recommended to draw up lists of applicants with special care to avoid mistakes.

All urgent visa will be issued before the end of this week. This follows from the comments of representatives of the Embassy of Bulgaria. Yet two days malfunction is not the best way affected the work of tour operators. To avoid cancellations, they had to quickly throw a problematic application to the General Consulate of Bulgaria in Odessa, or to persuade tourists to move the date of commencement of travel to a later or in a hurry to pick them alternatives.

Some prefer not to take risks and to cancel some flights. Panic in many breeds vague and contradictory answers Embassy employees, from which it followed that the elimination of a failure in the process of issuing visas will last either until the end of the week, or up to 9, even before 12 September.

At the same time, travel agencies have noted that even a good thing that a similar incident took place in late August, when the number of people willing to visit Bulgaria is declining. Should this occur during the high season, the consequences would have been much worse.

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