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Best restaurant in Estonia

04.11.2014 07:08 | views: 1258

In Estonia, the 2008 campaign was launched Eesti Maitsed, designed to reveal the gastronomic possibilities of the country. In its response to the annual list compiled of the best restaurants

The initiators of the competition emphasized that high quality food is becoming a great motivator to stay in Estonia, and traveling around the country. People go to places catering to the specific expectations and the right choice will help them rating Eesti Maitsed. The jury consists of 30 restaurant critics: both local and foreign. Grades are on a 100-point scale, developed by the Swedish White Guide ("White restaurant guide"). For food, you can get a maximum of 40 points for the drinks - 20 service - 25 and 15 - for the atmosphere.

This year has become a leader in Tallinn Noa Peakoka Saal; it was followed by Alexander Manor Pädaste (Pädaste), capital and Horisont "Tchaikovsky" and Põhjaka (Manor Phyaka): they all scored 36 points for the quality of courses and assessment from 84 to 88 for all criteria in total. Total rating includes 50 of the best catering establishments of Estonia; closes the list of La Dolce Vita (Tartu), with the final evaluation 54.

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