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Beaches near Odessa will not close

13.06.2019 09:43 | views: 746

The “bloom” of the sea near Odessa may last another two weeks, but the city authorities do not plan to close the beaches, since the accumulation of algae in the water does not yet pose a danger to the health of holidaymakers.

This statement was announced at a briefing on June 12 by the deputy director of the department of ecology and development of recreational areas of the Odessa City Council, Valentina Datsyuk, who spoke with journalists together with well-known biologists Boris Alexandrov and Galina Minicheva.

"The current state of the accumulation of algae in sea water does not pose a danger to those who come to the beaches. At least, we have no evidence that the water is not suitable for swimming. On June 10, experts again took 60 water samples in recreation areas in nine urban Odessa's beaches for research on sanitary-microbiological and sanitary-chemical indicators. Let's wait for fresh results. After we get them, the picture will be absolutely clear, "Datsyuk said.

According to her, the Department of Ecology experts constantly exchange views with marine biologists about the fact that the water off the coast has acquired a green color, and share their assessments - algae do not pose a danger to people.

“I can predict,” added Datsyuk, “that the“ bloom ”of the sea will last for about two weeks, but we do not plan to close city beaches because of this.”

According to the director of the Institute of Marine Biology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Boris Aleksandrov, the current concentration of algae in the water along the coast of Odessa does not pose a risk to human health. But these algae are toxic and can cause burns at high concentrations.

“This“ bloom ”of the sea is not the first case - a similar phenomenon was recorded by ecologists in the summer of 2010. After swimming in such water, we advise you to take a shower without fail,” Alexandrov said.

As for the reasons for their excessive accumulation in sea water, the scientist stated, “we have the total influence of several factors: late and warm spring, water warmed by the sun and almost complete calm at sea. And the third factor was heavy rains that contributed to a sea of ​​chemicals, including fertilizers that promote algae growth. "

In turn, the deputy director of the Institute of Marine Biology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Galina Minicheva, advised residents of Odessa and guests of the city to refrain from swimming in water that had acquired a green color for some time.

According to the doctor of biological sciences, "you should not come into direct contact with algae, which are massively born and die."

As reported, the Office of Derzhprodzhozhivsbby in the Odessa region also advises residents of the Odessa region to refrain from swimming in sea water, and the specialists of the Ministry of Environment - not to consume fresh fish and seafood.

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