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Advise tourists before the trip to France

11.06.2016 16:15 | views: 948

In anticipation of the football tournament Euro 2016, the French government has issued an application for a mobile phone, which is to alert the public in case of danger of a terrorist attack.

The government said that the application was developed after the November terrorist attacks in Paris, the victims of which 130 people have been.

On Tuesday, British Foreign Office warned British nationals about the likelihood of attacks during the matches of the European Championship in France. According to the Foreign Office, potential targets of attacks during the football tournament are the stadiums, fan zones and transportation hubs.

Users can sign up to receive alerts about the dangers in the different geographical areas - the total number to eight, not including the current location.

The notification will be given a brief description of what happened, as well as recommendations on how to stay safe.

The Government stresses that the privacy of users are protected.

Currently being developed, and the other version of the application that will alert users about the emergency of a different kind - such as floods and man-made accidents.

The application is available to download on smartphones running IOS and Android operating systems.

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