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A list of destinations where tourists are less likely

27.06.2014 08:04 | views: 1097

Experts in the field of tourism made ​​a list of 10 destinations where most rarely visited by tourists. However, this does not mean that there is nothing to see. Small stream travelers often the remoteness of the location of the area.

Immediately, we note that in the top 10, according to data compiled by the World Bank on international flights, were not included Afghanistan, Greenland, North Korea, Kosovo, Liberia, Mauritania and Somalia.

First place, experts gave a group of islands of Tuvalu, located between Hawaii and Australia in the mid-Pacific. Tuvalu is visited by approximately 20 visitors per week, and about 1,200 a year. The only way to reach the island - through a popular island of Fiji, where you can fly on flights airline Fiji Airways.

In second place are the Marshall Islands, famous among divers for its coral reefs. On average here for a year is only 5,000 tourists.

Closes the three leaders of the island nation of Kiribati, located in the Pacific Ocean. White beaches and tropical jungles Kiribati attract tourists year 5300. You can reach the island by plane from Honolulu or from the Fiji Islands and Nauru.

In the top 10 countries where tourists hardly ever also included: Sao Tome and Principe, Moldova, Solomon Islands, Tonga, East Timor, Sierra Leone and Liechtenstein.

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