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How to relax without worrying about the family budget

2019-06-26 | views: 2668

The fact that a vacation is needed is recognized by the most stringent employers and avid workaholics. Work on wear reduces productivity and leads to professional burnout, which the World Health Organization recognized in 2019 as a disease. It is unlikely to get a quality rest in a stuffy hot city, but what to do if you cannot save up for a tourist trip?

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Where to get money for a holiday?

Comfortable travel is a valuable investment, because it will help restore strength and performance. While incredulous skeptics spend a whole year saving money on a trip, the progressive part of the population boldly takes a loan online to a card and sets off on the road. Traveling in debt justifies itself in such cases:

You are tired and urgently need a vacation. You can rest, be able to work more productively and quickly repay the loan.

There was a profitable last minute ticket, you need to pay for it right now, and there is no free money yet.

The doctor recommends you to improve your health, or to improve the child. Beach holidays will help reduce the number of colds in the winter and save on treatment.

You are delayed salary, vacation, wellness. You can rest in debt, and then repay the loan.

You have saved up money for rest, but they are not enough, only a part of the sum is needed, etc.

Before you take a loan for a holiday, calculate in advance what amount will be needed. Please note that unforeseen expenses may occur. Perhaps resting in debt, you should not go to the most expensive resorts and settle in luxury hotels.

Choosing a profitable loan to rest

rest now, and then pay and you are not embarrassed that the money will have to give after returning, decide which loan will be best for you.

A microloan to the card is available to all citizens of Ukraine from 18 to 90 years. All you need is a passport and an identification code. This option is acceptable if you need a small amount and you expect to return it quickly. Microfinance organizations lend a maximum of 15 thousand hryvnia for a period of up to 1 month. Most MFIs offer an interest-free loan to new clients, but it needs to be repaid on time, since the renewal will be on standard terms, and interest rates are quite high.

A bank loan is the best solution if you have a stable official income. A targeted vacation loan is a rare phenomenon on the financial market of Ukraine, but there is an abundance of offers on consumer loans. If microloans are issued for a short period, then a bank loan can be stretched to 36 months with an acceptable monthly payment amount. Cash loans issued by most banks, it remains only to study, compare and select the best conditions.

Installment in the travel agency is offered, as a rule, from partner banks. This option is suitable if you do not have serious overdue loans. It is not necessary to collect a large package of documents, just visit the tour operator's office, choose a voucher, fill out a form, sign an additional contract for payment in parts and make an initial payment. Upon returning from the trip you need to make payment according to the schedule, or ahead of schedule.

Credit cards are a convenient and secure option. Most cards have a grace period of up to two months, when the use of credit funds for free. A credit card is better to carry out non-cash payments, since a commission may be charged for withdrawing money from an ATM. In some travel agencies when paying by card the cost of the voucher will be higher, this point needs to be clarified in advance. If you plan to engage in self-booking hotel and air ticket, then the credit card is ideal, besides Visa / MasterCard cards are valid throughout the world.

How not to overpay for the rest

Whether you spend your vacation on credit, or spend your money on a trip, there are a number of rules that will help reduce the cost of your vacation.

1. It is better not to plan flights on weekends and Fridays. These days, many people fly away for the weekend, the demand for air tickets is high and their cost increases. We advise you to book tickets in advance.

2. If you are going to rest in a large company, then it will be cheaper to rent an apartment. So you pay for the room, not just a bed.

3. When choosing a hotel, specify all options in the filters. Not always a hotel where there is no breakfast will be cheaper. Moreover, there is a chance to get a special offer.

4. Going to the country for the first time, download maps to your smartphone. Access to the network may not be, and paying for mobile Internet in roaming is very expensive.

5. To save on the packing of baggage at the airport, stock up with a large package and duct tape. For these purposes, also suitable food film.

6. If you need special meals, check the menu on the airline's website before booking.

7. When the hotel offers you a free tour, be sure to agree. Let even you will be taken to the outlets with which the hotel cooperates. But no one will force you to buy anything, especially since you can get off the bus earlier and go along your route.