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Rest in DoneckDonetsk - a city in eastern Ukraine, the administrative center of Donetsk Oblast, on the river Kalmius. A major industrial center. In Donetsk, there are 254 officially registered as a monument of cultural heritage. The city has 11 cinemas, 53 Palace of Culture Club, 140 museums and museum rooms,...


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photoWe are glad to welcome you to the new boarding house "Admiral" and offer a luxurious vacation on the Black Sea!

Our boarding house is located in the Kherson region, 97 km from the city of Kherson. From the railway station of the city of Kherson, buses and minibuses go to us every 10-20 minutes. In addition, when registering a voucher, you can order a transfer.
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photoVilla Grotto is a pearl of the Belosarai Spit, we carefully preserve all the beauty of local nature and increase it from year to year.

We successfully combine modern technologies and the eco-environment of the sand spit: swimming pool and equipped beach, lounge cafe and wi-fi internet, convenient parking and landscaping, security and privacy.
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Fascinating facts about poker: something from history
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photoHow to play for real money at IZI JOY casino

Izijoy virtual casino is of interest to those who like to combine interesting with useful: here entertainment can be converted into real money. When playing in a casino for money, in case of a successful bet, the user gets twice or even three times more. In addition, Izijoy online casino is at the s
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