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Visiting Venice will be even more difficult

08.02.2019 13:36 | views: 341

From May 1, 2019, tourists arriving in Venice will pay a tax of three euros, and from 2022, an advance booking will be required to visit the city.

It is reported by The Guardian.

"The mayor of Venice, Luigi Brunyaro, announced a new tax that will be levied on all tourists arriving in Venice from May 1. The fee will be three euros, and from January 1, 2020 it will grow to 6-10 euros depending on the season," the newspaper writes. .

As noted, an additional fee will be included in the price of a ticket to Venice on a plane, train or cruise ship. At the same time, tourists who have booked a hotel room will be exempted from its payment, since they already pay tax per night.

Brunyaro also said that from 2022 travelers can be obliged to “book” a visit to Venice in advance. This does not mean that the rest will be denied access to the city, but the entry procedure will be more difficult for them.

According to the mayor, the initiatives are designed to control the number of tourists in the city, which attracts about 30 million visitors a year.

“This is about managing tourist flows ... we don’t want Venice to become an amusement park,” said the mayor.

The collected money, in particular, will go to collect garbage, which is left to tourists, "one-day".

At the same time, not everyone in Italy shared the opinion of Brunyaro. As the newspaper writes, the country's tourism minister, Gian Marco Centinio, called the measures "useless and destructive." In his opinion, they can make Italy "a country that repels tourists".


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