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Tourists in Antalya are waiting for big changes

20.03.2019 20:26 | views: 224

The authorities of Turkish Antalya intend with the help of local hoteliers to force tourists to increase spending on rest. This writes ATOR.

During the pre-season meeting of representatives of the tourism industry with the governor of Antalya, Munir Caraloglu, the changes that await foreign guests in the popular tourist region of Turkey were announced. In particular, tourists are going to be forced out of hotels. According to the governor, it depends on the hoteliers how much the guests will spend on vacation as a result. Now hotel owners need to reorient themselves to “quality guests”, who are interested not only in beach holidays, but also in culture, gastronomy and other types of tourism. At the resort, it is necessary to resolve the issue of excessive “bank”, when hotels are loaded in the season, and other tourist infrastructure - streets and markets - is idle. In general, tourists should be discouraged from the round-the-clock "all-inclusive" and forced to spend time free from a beach holiday outside the territory of hotels.

Another change will be in controlling local restaurants. The authorities intend to toughly fight with the increasing frequency of cheating tourists and overpricing services. M. Caraloglu promised large fines to institutions that wind up prices for foreigners. Will take this year and for Antalya taxi drivers. All "seasonal" cab drivers will be sent to special trainings. The authorities also intend to clear the market of taxi drivers working without a license and finding their foreign clients in social networks. In addition, in Turkey, a new electronic system for the control of tourist traffic has already begun. Drivers who are not connected to it are at risk of imposing fines.

Another change is waiting for tourists directly at the airport of Antalya. His management promised to speed up the passenger service process. In particular, the average time of passing the passport control at the airport now takes 8 seconds, and the preflight inspection - 6 seconds.

Antalya authorities also gave a forecast on the number of tourists in 2019. It is expected that the flow of tourists to the resort will increase by 20-25% and amount to more than 16 million guests.

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