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Natural Reserve Fund of the Kiev region

09.01.2019 19:37 | views: 246

On the territory of the Kiev region there are 93 objects of natural reserve fund (PZF).

This was during a press conference, said the head of the Kiev regional management of forestry and hunting, Alexey Boyko, reports Ukrinform.

"Currently, 67 hunting farms operate in the Kiev region, of which 65 are privately owned. However, in the forest areas of the Kiev region, 93 objects of the natural reserve fund are created - 55 reserves, one regional landscape park, several monuments nature, protected tracts. The total area of ​​objects of natural reserve fund is almost 23 thousand hectares ", - said Boyko.

He stressed that this year almost all the NRF facilities were audited.

"An audit of all biotechnical structures located in these territories, including hunting towers was made. Measures were taken to bring these facilities in line with the requirements of current legislation, primarily with the requirements of the Law of Ukraine" On the Natural Reserve Fund ". Since 2017, changes to this law and it is clearly stated that any hunting is prohibited in the territories of the nature reserve fund, ”he stressed.

Boyko noted that today all the hunting towers have been dismantled at the objects of the natural reserve fund.

"Separate ones that are, they may not have come into our field of vision, but we will continue this work until the end of this year, we will restore order to these sites," he said.

Also, according to him, now there is a problem of imposing in nature the boundaries of objects of the nature reserve fund.

"There are many cases when land plots of a certain form of ownership are superimposed on the territory of the natural reserve fund. One of the reasons for such situations is that these objects are not rendered into nature. This is serious work that we have already begun, and at the moment 2 , 5,000 hectares of the NRF are rendered into nature. We carried out a very serious work in the field design of these objects, which we have.

Boyko noted that work is now being carried out with the Kiev Ecological and Cultural Center and the State Ecological Inspectorate in the direction of increasing the area of ​​the NRF facilities.

"We are preparing a scientific substantiation, and I hope that there will be support at the level of the Ministry of Environment and the public, and we will still increase the area of ​​the NRF objects," he added.

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