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Is it possible to smoke a hookah at a recreation center in Ukraine

25.06.2020 12:15 | views: 567

Just imagine how wonderful it is to get together with friends in the evening in the courtyard of a recreation center located somewhere in Kirillovka, Skadovsk, Zhelezny-Port or another corner of Ukraine to smoke a delicious hookah on wine.

Now, among the young generation, hookah smoking has become especially fashionable. This type of pastime has gained its popularity due to its accessibility, relative harmlessness to health, pleasant aroma, unlike ordinary tobacco smoke, and the ability to share pleasure with a large group of friends.

It is easy to imagine the oriental design of the room, soft pillows to the touch, pleasant music, aromas of oriental spices and emotional company. Thanks to a leisurely conversation and a hookah, time flies unnoticed, and memories of such leisure will remain for a long time.

A variety of hookah mixtures allows you to satisfy any whim, the abundance of aromatic additives delights and leaves no unpleasant tobacco smell a chance to fill the room.

Despite the great popularity of hookah, finding a quality one is not so simple. High-quality and inexpensive hookahs can be sold in Ukraine here:

And the problem is not the lack of cafes and restaurants that offer this service, but the lack of knowledge of cooking technology. Every little thing is important, from the quality and type of the hookah mixture to the solution. The secret of success is in the little things, and there are a lot of them. To prepare a hookah is a whole oriental art that requires knowledge and talent. Unfair work can easily ruin the whole impression of an evening with a hookah.

The question is, where can I find the right place? With the right hookah, interior and mood. The answer to this question is simple: choose a recreation center with a gazebo. Hookahs will probably be lit there in the evenings. By the way, if it is not so difficult to rent a hookah, then there will be a problem with tobacco. Therefore, you need to make purchases in advance of the trip here In this online shop of hookah products you can find not only smoking mixes, but also mouthpieces, bowls, coals and other accessories.

If you do not know, is it possible to smoke a hookah at a recreation center indoors? According to Ukrainian law, smoking in public places indoors is prohibited. But no one forbids smoking it on the street in the gazebo. Fortunately, such buildings are available in almost every recreation center.

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