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Dominicana is in demand

08.02.2019 11:27 | views: 310

The minimum cost of a package tour with a direct flight to the Dominican Republic as of Monday, February 4th starts from 70,500 hryvnia for two (and not even in February, but with a departure in early March). The cost of tours for the nearest dates is significantly higher, but at the same time flights close well: judging by the Anex Tour online monitor, most of the seats for departures on February 13 and 23 have already been sold. There is a depth of sales on the UIA flight, which is loaded by Travel Professional Group and other tour operators: there are no places to fly on February 7, single seats remain on the next date - February 18. About this told the travel company.

It should be noted that the good dynamics of sales in the Dominican Republic was observed in mid-January. In February, as a rule, sales begin to sag, but so far this has not happened. What is the reason for the continued high popularity of such an expensive exotic destination? The head of the product and reservation department of Europe, exotic and Caribbean TPG, Anna Papusha, notes that the high demand and depth of sales are due to the good results of early booking. As well as the fact that the option with a direct flight usually turns out to be 200-300 dollars cheaper than on regular flights of other airlines (among which, by the way, there are no direct flights). "Although still the majority of tourists get tours closer to the flight. Apparently hoping that the price will still fall. But there are also requests for depth, including not only for March, but also for April and May," the interlocutor notes .

According to the director of "Turystichny Khata" Alexander Olifirenko, its role in that the direction of "shot", played a properly planned marketing strategy of both tour operators, which gave a positive effect. The expert draws attention to the fact that both Anex Tour and TPG have strong retail networks, to which requests for rest, first of all, are redirected, including through the Dominican Republic. "In addition, one of the players provided agencies selling this direction with a high commission, reaching up to 14%. This stimulated sales and allowed agencies to be more flexible in terms of discounts. Let's not forget about promotional prices, which also attracted the attention of tourists ", - says Alexander Olifirenko.

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