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Classic London buses will be less frequent

08.02.2019 11:15 | views: 202

Transport authorities in London have decided to drastically reduce the use of the classic London bus Routemaster. From March 2, the legendary buses with an open rear platform will work only on weekends and holidays in the warm season.

The route of their movement will remain the same - a shortened 15 route from the Tower to Trafalgar Square. The authorities substantiated their decision by the desire to reduce costs: on working days, Routemaster buses run almost empty and cause significant losses. According to Transport for London, the work of this route costs over a million pounds per year. The authorities are also going to make cuts on three dozen other routes in the center.

Transport fans and other fans of English antiquity criticized this decision. In their opinion, the irregular use of Routemaster buses will lead to more frequent breakdowns and eventually a complete disappearance from the streets of these cars, which have long been one of the symbols of the city.

Routemaster has been operating in the British capital since the fifties of the last century. At the end of 2005, they were removed from the streets, but then returned to specially reduced versions of the two routes in the center (since 2014, only one has remained - 15). In addition, some Routemaster operate on special tourist flights (for example, night tours of the city) - outside the usual system of London transport.

A few years ago, the so-called new Routemaster was created, officially called the New Bus for London ("the new bus for London"), and unofficially the Boris Bus, after the then mayor Boris Johnson. This bus is rather unusual in appearance and has some similarities with the old Routemaster - in particular, it can also be entered through the rear doors (but in contrast to the old one - only at stops). New Routemaster are quite convenient and now make up a large part of the park on the central routes.

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