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Beer Bike Tours

14.04.2019 15:34 | views: 179

In the capital of the Czech Republic decided to fight beer bikes on the streets.

Reported 34travel.

“Many travelers, being in Prague, Plzen, Olomouc or Brno, are interested in beer bike tours. But not all locals like this kind of entertainment,” the message said.

Beer bikes are driven by the participants of the tour. It is both a transport and a bar - you can combine two entertainments, enjoying Czech beauties and famous beer (a barrel for several dozen liters of foamy is mounted here). On one such bicycle 10-15 people are located. They are accompanied by a guide driver who does not drink.

Locals were outraged: drunken tourists do not behave very tactfully. Employees of the local traffic police asked about the safety of movement of such alcohol structures on the roads.

“Many people turn to us, first of all, because of the noise that accompanies drunken skating. Some people are worried about their safety, for example, in Letensky Gardens, where people walk with children,” the mayor’s office said.

Personally, the mayor of Prague, Pavel Chizhinsky, expressed himself even more sharply: "Alcoholism is not something that we would like to promote."

Owners of the beer and bicycle business have used loopholes in the legislation, because the law considers such a bar as a bicycle that can move anywhere, but does not take into account the enormous size of this bicycle.

The Prague 7 district has already banned the movement of bicycles more than 1.2 m wide. Now, an ordinary bicycle will pass here, but a beer one - in any way. The ban is expected to spread throughout the city.

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