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Where to go to rest in December

2018-11-28 | views: 433

Departure countries in December with a short flight



The beginning of winter in the Emirates does not give out anything - the sun is still burning and the water in the Gulf of Oman is not even going to cool. Not only Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Sharjah are ready to receive guests at this time. Tourists are widely opened by the doors of Fujairah and Umm al-Quwain. Endless sandy beaches, all kinds of sea and land sports, traveling in the desert, horseback riding, horse racing, camel races and bazaars, water parks, regattas, falconry and underwater hunting, diving - all possible entertainment from around the world are gathered in one place. And in Umm al-Quwain is located the world's largest water park with dozens of attractions.


And in Jordan, meanwhile, a completely different picture - together of snow and hills, sand mounds and summer heat. But here the warm sea calmly splashes, especially attractive in the conditions of cold winter. But the severe heat is no longer there, so you can safely devote vacation days to excursions, walks and explore local attractions. There are plenty of them, starting with the famous Petra - the city, hacked right into the rocks and ending with ancient palaces, mosques, forts. In Jordan, there are also many biblical places. Finally, you can immediately heal using the healing power of the Dead Sea.


In winter, “golden time” comes for Israel - during this period there is no strong heat, and therefore all kinds of recreation are available - both beach, and active, and sightseeing, and who can’t sit in one place, can go to a marathon at nightclubs, testing for strength own body under the rivers of alcohol and stunning rhythms of the dancefloors. A great place for a trip with the whole family - Eilat - there is enough entertainment for any addictions. These are the beaches of the Red Sea, children's and adult attractions, museum expositions. Resting in Israel, it is an excellent opportunity to visit the Red Canyon or Masada fortress, discover the natural world in the zoo and botanical gardens, stroll along the bottom of the Red Sea or have fun with a huge dish of restaurant delicacies.


Get well and be transformed to the New Year is most sensible in Tunisia. Spa, thalasso and other local resort programs are well known all over the world. At the same time, you can enjoy Arabic exoticism in the bazaars or smoke hookahs under hot Oriental motifs and belly dancing. And you can go to the ancient panoramas of Carthage or explore the expanses of the Sahara, riding one of the ships of the desert.

December on the warm sea: a distant exotic


By the beginning of winter, Thailand says goodbye to the monsoon season and welcomes tourists from all over the world - the dry season, sea, sun, beaches, familiar bars, as well as thousands of Thai shrines, Buddha statues, amusement parks, museums, aquariums, botanical gardens - every corner of the Kingdom Siam is preparing to meet the guests. The championship at this time goes to Phuket, whose beaches are considered to be more clean and well-equipped, and the entertainment sector is refined and advanced. The main beaches of the island are Patong, Kata, Karon and Bang Tao.


Vietnam is known for its diversity of climates — when it rains at one point in the country, the sun gives heat to another and tropical breezes blow. In December, the best weather is set in the southern part of Vietnam. In addition, at this time, prices at resorts are not very high and you can spend time bright and exciting. The best places to visit are Phan Thiet, Mui Ne, Vung Tau. And many local people have already adapted to Russian tourists and speak well in the language of Pushkin and Dostoevsky.


In December, the rainy season finally comes to an end in India. December here can be considered the height of the season, but finding a cheap hotel is quite possible. The best option for a holiday is Kerala, Bombay and the well-known Goa.


Despite the arrival of winter, the main Chinese resort of Hainan is still warm - from 22 degrees. And although not everyone will dare to swim in the sea, anyone who wants it of all ages and preferences can afford to soak up the sun and sunbathe. But the tours of the resort have not gone away. And in December on Hainan the Christmas festival opens, so that seekers of bright spectacles, performances and musical numbers will have where to spend their time.


Mauritius can hardly be called a popular resort because of its high prices, but it was in December that the vouchers became more accessible here, the main thing is to choose a moment. Mauritius is considered the benchmark of elite recreation, its beaches with fine powdery sand are gently wrapped, giving long-awaited relaxation. The underwater kingdom of the island cause divers to shiver from delights - millions conquer the local depths and admire the inimitable beauty. Fishing is also good here, as well as naturalistic exploration - many natural exhibits of the island exist in single copies.


Maldives perfectly cope with the role of a romantic resort. But in addition to the serene beach bliss, spa and travel through the atolls, there is enough entertainment for more active guests. In the vicinity of the islands of many coral reefs with stunning fauna.


In Mexico, they hardly know what real winter is. Here, snow, ice and frost are watched exclusively on TV, taking a break in the hot sun and taking a dip in the cool Caribbean waters. And the resort of Cancun - one of the classic places in Mexico, where the cold peeks only in a dream. Underwater gardens, unique caves with underwater rivers and lakes, Mayan pyramids, ruins of ancient civilizations, national parks and reserves, underwater hunting, swimming with dolphins and turtles, tequila and passionate macho in wide-brimmed sombreros - this is the kind of December in Mexico.


Whatever happens, and in Punta Cana, like in other resorts of the Dominican Republic, there is not a cloud in the sky, and palm trees rustle, swept by the sea breeze. In order not to stay at the hotel, you can go on tour to the islands, visit the caves dug up by nature itself thousands of years ago, stroll through the underground lakes, dive into the depths of the Caribbean, catch the surf wave, ride the old quarters of the capital or experience the power of the December sun on a silvery beach.


Residents of this corner can only envy - what are drifts and chilling them unknown. The main resort - Varadero - has earned recognition thanks to impeccable service and a lot of entertainment, which is ready to provide the most capricious guests. The main occupation - of course, diving - in the vicinity is full of suitable bays for diving, where all the greatness and beauty of the underwater world appear in the full range of colors. But there are more extreme activities - skydiving, underwater hunting. Well, those who got to Havana are doubly lucky. They have a great opportunity to explore the colonial heritage of the capital, to visit museums or to become “closer to the people” by visiting parties and places of local gatherings.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is great for spending the December holidays, basking in the sun, drinking ice juice from exotic fruits and not worrying about changing the weather. But if you do not want to succumb to the general laziness, you can always go to the mountains or in search of adventure in the jungle. Pagodas and architectural treasures are open to seekers of cultural exploration. And regardless of the type of holiday chosen in Sri Lanka, it will be pleasant to taste amazing dishes that are not served in European taverns.


This lost corner of the dream attracts with its primeval nature and distance from civilization. People come here for peace and tranquility, and they all get it in abundance.