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Where to go to Europe in February

2019-01-09 | views: 353

Pondering where to rest at the end of winter without long flights? Go to Europe!


Weather. In Austria in February is warmer than in Russia. During the day, +3 ... + 5 ° С, and at night up to -2 ° С. The Danube flows through the city, so the cold is felt stronger. Dress for walks in the winter - a warm jacket, hat and gloves.

Things to do. In February, there are few tourists, and there are no queues near the ticket offices: go to museums, take a sightseeing bus tour, admire the beautiful Schönbrunn castle. Take a look at the cozy cafes and try the famous Viennese strudel. At the end of the month a grand Vienna Ball is held - a holiday when the whole city dances.


Weather. The largest city in Sweden confirms that the weather in Europe is unstable in February. Swedish winter is not like ours. The temperature ranges from −1 ° С to −6 ° С. The number of sunny and cloudy days is almost the same.

Things to do. Stockholm is one of the places where you can relax in Europe in February. Visit the museum of the group "ABBA", the water museum "Aquaria" and near the ancient castles and palaces. Go down to the Stockholm metro, admire the work of Swedish sculptors, artists and discover the real masterpieces of the underground. Rate the atmosphere of the Middle Ages, which prevails on the islands of Gamla Stan.


Weather. Where to go to Europe in February to get maximum pleasure? In late winter, the weather in Lisbon is truly spring. In the afternoon, the thermometer rises to + 15 ° С. Half a month are sunny days. Take on the road light jacket, warm sweater and comfortable sports shoes.

Things to do. At the end of winter, a carnival festival is held in all cities of the country. Go to the Maritime Museum, go up to the castle of St. George. Admire the beautiful quarters from the height of the Santa Zhushta ski lift. Spend a pleasant evening, tasting different types of port.


Weather. Hungary has a temperate climate. During the day, the temperature rises to +3 ... + 5 ° С, and at night it drops to zero. Toward the end of the month, the onset of early spring is felt - the first flowers bloom, green leaflets cut through. For walks suitable autumn jacket and a warm hat.

Things to do. If you want to have a good rest in Europe in February, get to know the sights of Budapest. Climb to the Royal Palace on the funicular. Inspect the facades of old buildings with a water bus. Visit the National Gallery. Relax in the baths and baths, built on hot healing springs.


Weather. At the end of winter because of the humidity and winds from the sea in the city is cool. The temperature during the day is + 8 ° C, and at night -2 ° C. If you want to walk around the city all day, take a warm jacket, umbrella and waterproof shoes.

Things to do. Oddly enough, in Amsterdam like to celebrate the Chinese New Year. To see colorful parades, fireworks, crackers, dragons and lions, go to the historic quarter of Zeedijkio and Damba Square. During the holidays, go ice-skating and try the local cuisine - herring burgers, sauerkraut potatoes and delicious bitterballen meatballs.


Weather. Where is warmer in Europe in February? Of course, on the shores of the Mediterranean! The average temperature in Split is + 10 ° C. Many come here to enjoy the warmth of the sun and the first greens without tourists.

Things to do. In early February, the city hosts a colorful Croatian carnival. Walk through the historic part of Split - look at the remains of the palace of Diocletian, the amphitheater and the peristyle, preserved from the times of ancient Rome. Try delicious fish dishes that are expertly prepared in restaurants on the Riva waterfront.


Weather. Riga residents are convinced that the February weather is the most severe of the year. The temperature ranges from −7 ° С to −2 ° С. Sometimes during the daytime it warms up to +5 ... + 7 ° С, and tourists rejoice in the complete calm and the sun. Of rainfall for the end of winter is characterized by snow and rain.

Things to do. Look at the medieval buildings in Old Riga. Listen to the organ in the Dome Cathedral. During a vacation with children, visit the circus, puppet theater and zoo.


Weather. In February, we advise you to go to Europe on the Adriatic coast. During the daytime in Budva to +10 ... + 12 ° С, at night - to + 4 ° С. On clear days it warms up to + 15 ° С.

Things to do. In low season, the city lives half way. The sea is too cold for swimming, and the beaches are empty. This is a great time for walking and sightseeing. Visit inside the fortress walls, go trekking along the picturesque Budva Riviera and take a trip to Lovćen National Park. Try Montenegrin specialties - stewed lamb with a side dish, fish delicacies and salads with cheese.

Karlovy Vary

Weather. In February at the resort during the daytime it can be up to +4 ... + 9 ° С, and it freezes at night. The weather, like everywhere in Europe, is changeable. After a week of sunshine begins a series of cloudy days, so think about different clothes. Not superfluous will be a windproof jacket, thermal underwear and warm gloves.

Things to do. Tourists come to Karlovy Vary all year round, and most of them are interested in mineral springs. Buy yourself a cup with a spout for drinking healing water and visit the Geyser Colonnade. Look at the old icons in the Peter and Paul Church. Admire the paintings of famous artists in the Karlovy Vary Gallery. Rate the view of the city streets from the Diana observation tower.


Weather. Looking for a place where it is warmer in winter? In Europe in February is very good in Bulgaria. In the afternoon, in Burgas, the thermometer rises to +11 ... + 15 ° С. Sea temperature + 16 ° С.

Things to do. Go to the temple of Cyril and Methodius. Stroll through the park, which stretches along the sea. Look at the excavations of the ancient settlement of Aqua Kalide and the ruins of the Rusokastro fortress. Take a look at the farm where peacocks are bred.