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Where to go in April Beach resorts

2019-03-15 | views: 252

April is an interseasonal month when the ski vacation is not so relevant, and the beach resorts are not yet fully operational. Hence, the relatively low cost of recreation, as well as the lack of crowds of tourists in popular destinations.

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At the end of April, due to the beginning of the May holidays, the excitement, and with it the prices, increase, so you should book in advance at the end of the month. A vacation in April at the beach resorts will give you comfortable air and water temperatures, as well as provide an opportunity to fully prepare for the summer season and sunny days.

Beach resorts

In Tunisia in April, comfortable and cool weather will allow you to enjoy pleasant spring days. It is worth remembering that in April the water is still quite cool, but it warms up to a comfortable temperature by the end of the month. Guests of Tunisia in April are waiting for a pleasant sea, clean air, interesting entertainment programs and high quality service. Tunisia resorts are a great place to stay with a child, one of the few available options to visit the sea in April. For children, water parks and entertainment centers are open here. Also pay attention to the magnificent spa resorts and thalassotherapy centers.

Suitable for a beach holiday weather is typical for Morocco. First of all, warm and comfortable temperatures are observed at the Agadir resort, located on the Atlantic coast, where kilometers of golden beaches look especially attractive after the long months of winter. Air temperature in April ranges from + 25 ° С to + 28 ° С; average water temperature is + 19 ° С. It is important to bear in mind that for an ocean swim, April is quite a cool month. In Morocco, the traditional for Muslim countries, the restrictions are minimized, however, the European level of service does not detract from the national color of this interesting country. The snow-white Agadir has opportunities not only for a beach holiday, but also for walks in the historical center of the city, to which the cool weather and the absence of crowds of tourists have. It offers tourists a variety of entertainment from casinos and restaurants to jeep safaris in the desert.

By April, the sea is warming enough in China. For a beach holiday, Hainan Island, one of the best resorts in East Asia, is especially good. The temperature of air and water fluctuates around + 25 ° С; short warm rain and high humidity are not excluded. The best hotels of Hainan Island are concentrated around the southern city of Sanya. Here you can also improve your health in the centers of Chinese medicine. An additional plus lies in the magnificent and surprisingly clean nature of the island, replete with thermal springs and natural parks. In Hainan, you can do rafting, diving and fishing. Tourists are offered island safaris, as well as excursions to the island of monkeys, the gorge of butterflies and the museum of pearls. And for those who will be in Shanghai at the beginning of April, we recommend visiting the annual Tea Festival, where you can taste the best varieties and take part in traditional tea ceremonies.

Good beaches and warm sea can be found in April on the amazing Canary Islands. The most popular resort is the island of Tenerife, which the mountains divide into arid southern and humid northern parts. Tenerife beaches come in both white sand and black volcanic sand. The island is good because you can complement a chic beach vacation by visiting unique tropical forests and climbing through the volcanic mountains. Climbing the frozen lava can be at the very top of the volcano, but it is important to remember that for this you need to get permission from the local authorities in advance.

In April, you can visit Jordan, where the oriental flavor is presented so vividly and diversely that a trip to this country will become truly unforgettable. In the north-west of Jordan in April, rain showers are ending - and the weather is pleasant. Due to the special microclimate, the weather conditions are different in the south of the country, in the region of the Gulf of Aqaba, therefore this region is accessible to visitors all year round.

The pearl of Jordan is the Dead Sea, in which it is impossible to drown; its water and mud are considered healing. In the rich list of attractions stands out the rocky city of Peter: houses, streets and religious buildings in the Greco-Roman style sawn into the sandy rock of amazing red-orange color. In addition, in Jordan, you can visit the city of Colon Geyrash, see a huge number of biblical places, visit the Bedouins in the beautiful desert of Wadi Rum and relax on the Red Sea.

In Israel, the tourist season starts in April; the average temperature is + 25 ° С during the day, at night the thermometer drops a few degrees below the day temperature. In April, there is quite a bit of rainfall - and because the weather has to rest on the Dead Sea, as well as informative trips around the country. It will be especially interesting for believers to visit Holy Week in Jerusalem. These days, Christian pilgrims gather in the city to attend liturgies and services in the Holy Land.

In Thailand, in April, the weather is pleasant, however, the increased temperature of the air, together with high humidity, as well as the beginning of heavy rains can spoil the rest. Phuket Island maintains a comfortable air temperature, and the sea is not yet stormy. The cost of vacation in Thailand in April is slightly reduced - and there is a great opportunity to relax on exotic resorts with a small discount.

Mid-spring is a great time to visit Egypt. A truly comfortable temperature is established towards the end of April, while strong winds are possible at the beginning of the month. The air temperature during this period is about + 30 ° C; water warms up to + 24 ° С.

In April, unstable weather persists in Turkey; rain and cloudy days are possible. In addition, the sea during this period is quite cool - and the water temperature does not exceed + 18 ° C. However, the cool weather is perfect for traveling around the country - and the trip can be combined with a visit to Istanbul and the colorful Prince Islands located in the Sea of ​​Marmara.

On the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria, the air temperature in April ranges from + 10 ° C to + 15 ° C, the water warms to a maximum of + 17 ° C, therefore, for the beach holiday, choose the summer months when the weather is warm and sunny. In the midst of spring, you should pay attention to sightseeing trips around the country - the cool weather will allow you to see the sights under comfortable conditions.