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What is a Green Card

2019-02-07 | views: 364

If you plan to conquer Europe by car, insure civil liability to foreign drivers. For overseas autotravel, you will need a Green Card policy, which is checked when crossing the border in any direction.

What is a Green Card?

"Green Card" - an analogue of the Ukrainian car, which operates abroad. This is a compulsory insurance that protects the interests of other road users. If the owner of the policy gets into an accident due to his fault, his insurance company will cover the damage to his health / life and property caused to the injured party.

The limit of insurance payments depends on a particular country and may be several thousand or several million euros. For example, in France and Norway, the damage is not limited: in the event of an accident, compensation will cover all costs.

How is the damage settlement under the Green Card?

In the event of an accident, drivers call the police officer, who inspects the scene of the incident and draws up a protocol in two languages ​​(native and English). Subsequently, the injured party applies to a foreign insurance company for compensation. If a foreign driver has suffered, his insurer collects the amount paid from the Ukrainian insurance company through the Motor Transport Insurance Bureau.

How much is

The cost of the "Green Card" depends on the type of vehicle (car or truck, motorcycle or trailer), the period of validity (from 15 days to a year), the direction of the trip ("Russia, Belarus and Moldova" or "Other countries"). The price is also affected by the euro.

Where to buy

The most convenient way is to purchase the policy online on the insurer's website. The procedure of registration will take a few minutes, and delivery - from 1 to 3 days. In addition, this option will be cheaper than other methods of ordering. If you want to get a policy immediately - visit the insurer's office. An employee of the company will issue a transaction in your presence through a special “Green Card online” system. If you forgot to draw up a policy and remembered it at customs, look for the insurance agent’s kiosk. In this case, you overpay and may lose time in the queue. After purchasing the policy, check it out on the MTIBU website, indicating the contract number on the relevant page. Insurance data appears in the database after registration, which eliminates the risk of acquiring fakes. Please note: in the lower corner of the form there should be a unique control code that the Green Card online system generates.