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Tourists called the most useless things

2019-07-01 | views: 4075

Aviasales experts asked experienced travelers what was superfluous in their suitcases and what things could be safely abandoned on the next trip. About this writes "Interfax".

More than a third of the total number of survey participants believe that there is no point in collecting with them a bunch of shoes and clothes. These things "eat" most of the volume of the suitcase. Experienced tourists recommend putting lightweight and non-voluminous universal things into the luggage, from which it will be possible to collect several “bows”.

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In the next trip, 9% will refuse to curling and the same amount - from towels, as they are almost always in a hotel or apartment. Almost every tenth will not take an umbrella - it is better to replace it with a raincoat or a windbreaker. The same amount does not take a book with you. It is debatable, but 9% of travelers advise not to take a first-aid kit - the most necessary is in local pharmacies, and insurance will solve more serious problems.

Every twentieth joked that next time it would be nice to be from a companion, the same 5% forgot that you can not carry scissors and files in your carry-on baggage, and advised to collect baggage in advance. Another 5% regretted taking a laptop with them and the same amount of cosmetics and perfumes.