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Ten family affairs before the holidays

2019-06-25 | views: 877

When should a family with children start preparing for a holiday? Specialists from the tourist association in Orlando, USA, interviewed married couples and found out that it takes at least six months to prepare for the perfect trip with two children.

The surveys revealed three main stages of preparation: finding a destination, comparing prices and final booking. They were named eight out of ten couples of respondents. In addition, the parents ranked the most important affairs before the holidays.

1. View photos from places of intended rest.

Beautiful picture - the first incentive to visit any place. Especially if these are pictures from the holidays of our friends or acquaintances. According to them, one can judge how comfortable and interesting the rest will be, what the hotel or the coastal zone looks like, how many other guests are there and whether the local beauty is suitable for family photos.

2. Examine the weather forecast.

There is nothing worse than a three-day downpour when you come to sunbathe under the hot sun, or a snowstorm at a ski resort. New Year's holidays within the walls of the hotel due to the snowfalls are a dubious joy. Therefore, checking the weather in the place where you are going, it is very important if you do not want to spoil your vacation.

3. To get insurance for all family members.

In most countries of Europe without medical insurance you simply will not be issued a visa. In others, insurance is not required, but without it, getting quality assistance will not work: due to the poor quality of services, transportation to another hospital or home may be required. Therefore, especially if you are going on vacation with children, do not neglect the insurance policy.

4. Buy new things.

On vacation, do you want to show off your new wardrobe? It's time to update it. Joint trips for bathing suits, beach dresses, shorts and backpacks not only uplifting, but also help the family to rally.

5. Choose a hotel with a beautiful area.

It is very important that outside your room window there is not a barren desert, but a beautiful landscape. Therefore, the owners of any hotel try to make its territory as attractive as possible: they set up gardens with exotic flowers, let golden fish go to the pools and set up statues. It remains only to decide what you want to see when leaving the hotel.

6. Check the exchange rate.

Fluctuations in the exchange rate can be an unpleasant surprise. A month ago, you could not refuse anything to yourself, but today you will have to save money. To prevent this from happening, you should follow the course for the entire six months, choose a bank with the most advantageous offer and just in case set aside a vacation for a larger amount.

7. Exchange currency.

It is not enough to track the course, you must have time to exchange at least part of the amount. Especially if you fly an unpopular route - to the countries of East Asia, to Africa or to the remote islands of the Caribbean. You will need cash on arrival: buy water, take a taxi or pay for a bus ticket. But do not exchange money at airports - the course there is just predatory.

8. Apply for a visa.

Some consulates check documents for a long time, others easily issue a visa and do not make tourists wait. In any case, it is worth setting aside more time for visa processing - all of a sudden you will have to correct documents, deliver new ones or even file an appeal.

9. Discuss the details of the trip with the household.

To plan a route that will suit everyone, will have to gather family council. Together to decide what you want to do, what sights to see, go to the water park or museum. Get ready to negotiate if there are too many offers. But it will help everyone to have a great vacation.

10. Check the time of departure and arrival on the electronic scoreboard.

It would be a shame to prepare so much for the journey and be late for the plane at the last moment. Therefore, save yourself more time on the way to the airport or train station, check the documents and tickets again and do not forget to check on the scoreboard that everything was calculated correctly. It is better to spend half an hour or an hour in the waiting room than to rush headlong through the crowd and not have time in the end.

Whatever obstacles the family encounters in preparing for the perfect vacation, the preparation process for the journey is so exciting for both children and parents that the daily routine is forgotten and family values ​​come to the fore. In order not to forget anything, we recommend that you take care of one of the points in advance - an insurance policy.