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Tahiti Paradise place of Polynesia

2018-12-03 | views: 388

French Polynesia is a complex consisting of one hundred and fifteen islands, but the Tahitians who love their island call the country "Tahiti and its islands". Tahiti, located in the South Pacific, and spread over five thousand square kilometers of water space.


All the islands of French Polynesia - a remarkable result of volcanic eruptions that occurred in different historical periods, this explains the diversity of island landscapes, the diversity of vegetation, the magnificence of the lagoons. The capital of French Polynesia, however, is located on the island of Tahiti, because it is the largest among the islands, it is the city of Papeete.

Europeans appeared on distant islands in 1767, and, well, a little later, according to tradition, established their protectorate, namely French. It happened in 1842. Since 1880, the king of Tahiti was forced to fully transfer "Tahiti with its islands" of France. To this day, the territory is French. The population, in the amount of two hundred and fifty people, mostly lives in Tahiti, with the main part being Polynesians and mestizos, few Europeans and Chinese. The official languages ​​are French and Tahitian, but English is spoken in developed tourist areas.

French Polynesia will delight you with a great climate: the average annual temperature here is twenty-seven degrees Celsius, and the water does not fall below twenty-six degrees all year round. The heat of the sun softens the refreshing ocean breeze. The nature of Tahiti will convince you that this is a real earthly paradise. It is simply breathtaking from the natural beauty: the majestic mountains, formed millions of years ago, after volcanic eruptions, are surrounded by amazing turquoise lagoons, whose water is crystal-clear and transparent. Graceful and slender trunks of numerous coconut palms tend to the water, there are many snow-white and completely secluded beaches, and on all islands, including in Tahiti, a measured and unhurried lifestyle. All tourists arriving here are greeted with a flower garland from Tahitian gardenia, from this very moment, you realize that after stepping on the land of Tahiti, you are in a real paradise!

The island of Tahiti - is divided into Large and Small Tahiti, and connects them to a narrow isthmus. Only the last couple of years, Russian tourists began to appear on these warm islands, but not everyone can pull such a vacation financially. Many people think that the main island of French Polynesia is Bora Bora, which is rather advertised in Western films, this is not so, Tahiti is larger, with a large population, therefore this honor has been given to him. In general, the main contingent visiting the island - couples or newlyweds who came here to organize weddings. In fact, a wedding in Tahiti is very cool, the demand for them among Europeans is huge. In addition to wedding tours, Tahiti enjoys visiting fans of an exotic holiday, because the excursion routes here are non-standard: you will be offered a jeep ride through a safari park, where you can watch the life of animals in their natural habitat, you can freely admire the chic underwater world of Tahiti and just relax on a secluded "paradise" beach in silence, away from the bustle of the city. The islanders speak fondly of Tahiti - “The Great Tahiti of Golden Haze”, meaning that the ocean waters surrounding the island have countless shades. They also call the island “the place where the sun rises.” Since ancient times, the Polynesians have been singing the lands of Tahiti, long before the arrival of the Europeans.

The island of Tahiti is covered with mountain peaks, overgrown with dense rain forests, passing through which you go to the majestic waterfalls, falling into cold rivers and numerous streams. On the glades with bright lights burn bright tropical flowers, interrupted by rice terraces, in stark contrast to the gold coast. But do not think that Tahiti is the place where you can only look at the beautiful nature and lie on the white beaches. Here you will be offered an interesting excursion program. The only minus of group excursions is that they are mainly conducted in English, but if you take an individual excursion with a guide, which is twice as expensive, you will be presented with all the information in your native language.

Excursions in Tahiti. For starters, visit the capitals of French Polynesia - the city of Papeete. Of course, there are no large spaces on the island, so the capital is rather modest in size, but, but it is very modern. Getting to know her will take you half a day. Here, among the abundance of palm trees and the ocean visible from all over the world, there are numerous offices, clinics, banks, travel agencies and shops, business life is constantly in full swing, cars are being built, traffic jams are in place, and yachts and cruise liners come to the pier.

Start your acquaintance with the city by visiting To'at Square, all cultural events of the city are held here, and the audience for ceremonies is five thousand people. Government offices are located on Bruat Avenue: from the High Commissioner's office building to the ministries and the Presidential Palace of French Polynesia. Directly along the coast is the main shopping area of ​​the capital - Vaima Center, here you can stroll through the numerous shops, bars and restaurants. Here you can buy fruits, flowers, seafood, handicrafts. Pay attention to the building of the new two-storey Central Market Papeete, built in 1987, completely repeating the architecture of the "old market", built here in 1860. They say that the market is exactly the place where you can see the true authentic Polynesia without embellishment. Right behind the area stands the Cathedral of Notre-Dame-Papeete, it was erected in 1875. Then there is the Missy District, where the center of the Catholic Church of French Polynesia is located, and there is an eighteenth-century building - the residence of the bishop. The main center of Protestantism is the Paofai Church, built in 1990, near Sigon beach is located - it is a recognized center for rowing. It is worthwhile to dwell on the Robert Wan Pearl Museum, referred to as the “Black Pearl Museum”. It was opened recently, in 2007, it stands in the historical center of the city, not far from the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception and the beautiful Bougainville Park. The museum contains beautiful samples of cultivated black pearls, which is famous for the island of Tahiti. The whole museum exposition is dedicated to history, religion, traditions, legends, somehow connected with pearls. You will be shown the most beautiful pearls of various sizes and colors: from light gray to rich black. And yet, you will see, the pearl oysters themselves and the shells of mollusks in which they grow pearls. The highlight of the collection is the largest round gray pearl, with a diameter of twenty-six millimeters and a weight of 8.7 grams. He founded the museum - Robert Van, is the largest producer of cultivated black pearls in the world, his local name is "Black Pearl Emperor Tahiti". He owns the Jewelery House, where luxurious pearl jewelery is created, with exquisite designs and the highest quality pearls. If you liked something, you can buy the jewelry you like.

The Dolphinarium is the only one in the whole of French Polynesia, located in the Intercontinental Resort Mourea hotel. In a closed lagoon, the staff explores the habits and trains four Atlantic dolphins.