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Soledar Salt Mine - one of the most unique natural attractions of the Donetsk region

2013-05-13 | views: 2981

If you want something unusual and extreme, feel free to head to the Soledar. At first glance, nothing remarkable city does not stand out, but its only because its main riches hidden deep underground. 250 million years ago, there lapping Permian salt sea, from the time of its water dried up the sun and the salt deposited on the ground with thick white layers. Now you have the opportunity to travel 250 million years ago and set foot on the bottom of an ancient sea.

Salt deposits discovered here in 1877, the same year the first well was drilled to a depth of two hundred ninety-two meters. It is thanks to this well it turned out that the city is on the bottom of the sea, and the largest salt layer thickness reaches 39.5 meters.

To get to the cave to go down in the elevator cab mining. Sounds intriguing and frightening, is not it? In fact, the elevator goes down smoothly and virtually no motion is felt, the only unpleasant feeling may be laying the ears, as you approach your destination, as affected by pressure differences. Coming out of the cab, it seems that you have come to the marble, glittering gallery, only then it becomes clear that all of the surrounding salt.

The magic charm of mine give a beautiful bas-reliefs on the walls, made not only by professional sculptors, but also by the miners. The walls of the long tunnel, filled with reddish light, keep a fantasy freestyle artists of different generations.

And there is a real functioning church around her painted images of saints. Postoiev stone near the icons, and the soul is filled with peace and tranquility. In addition to the attention of the Church of tourists represented an underground museum, the exhibition which captures the history of the mines. There is also a miners lamps and picks, and even an old trolley which took out the salt.

It is impossible to pass by another local attraction - a copy of palms "Mertsalova." It is hollowed out of salt, and its leaves are shaded dark reddish reflections, characteristic of the local breed.

In addition to the extraordinary beauty of the cave has unique healing properties. As proved by scientists, sea salt cures many diseases: pneumonia, skin, thyroid, asthma, etc. Even a short stay in the salt cave has a positive effect on well-being and has a rejuvenating effect. Eyewitnesses say that after a visit to the mine in women disappear some of the facial wrinkles.

Of course, people have tried to make the most of these medicinal properties and discovered underground caving sanatorium. It treating patients suffering from various ailments. Especially inhale air evoking salt particles 1-5 microns in size, and density of 15 mg/m3, useful for children. To date, treatment of caving in the salt mines of Soledar is one of the most efficient in the world. According to statistics recovers 70-85% of patients.

Another interesting feature of mine is the perfect acoustics of tunnels. Venue twice Symphony Orchestra concerts, musicians and guests were overjoyed by the sound of music. A band leader Kurt Schmitt said that in the world there are only 2-3 with the acoustics of the hall.

Going to the salt mines to consider some of the recommendations:

- As the temperature is kept under 15, in the summer it is better to stock up on warm clothing.

- The floor is covered with crystals of salt mines, so you need to take comfortable shoes.

- Tours are available by appointment every day except Monday.

- Duration 1 hour 40 minutes.

- Children under ten years old are prohibited to take part in a guided tour.

- Strictly non-smoking.