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Results of the first stage of early booking

2019-02-02 | views: 345

The first stage of early booking was better than a year ago.


The travel companies have summed up the first stage of the early booking of summer destinations, which ended on January 31. And they agreed that the preliminary results are encouraging. Head Join UP! Yuri Alba noted that the dynamics of his company is positive, but different directions show different indicators. For example, the increase in Turkey is relatively small, because in the coming summer season it was decided to optimize the schedule of charter flights in this direction. As for a number of European countries where volume growth is planned, they show a very large increase in bookings. The increase in the number of applications for early booking is confirmed by Valery Parenchuk, Development Director of Travel Professional Group. In Mouzenidis Travel Ukraine, they state a double increase in early booking compared to last year - the general director of the company, Viktor Marchenko, shared his data with Adria Hit Director Vladimir Shvets also recorded the trend of growth in sales of tours to the depth of his company. Opinion of tour operators is shared by Oleg Kulik, the general director of the Let's Go With Us agency network - according to his statistics, sales in almost all key summer destinations have really noticeably grown now. For example, the number of bookings in Turkey, Italy, Greece and Cyprus has more than doubled; there is growth, although not so impressive, in Spain and Bulgaria. The only direction that sagged, became Tunisia - according to it, sales in the network decreased by more than six times.

According to the interlocutors, there are several reasons for positive dynamics. First, the tourists realized that an early booking can really save. “Today, the same tours are 15-20% more expensive than yesterday,” Valery Parenchuk cites the example. More and more agents, and accordingly their customers, understand that last minute tours can be expected. But it is quite possible to "see out" to the mass "stops" in hotels. Victor Marchenko draws attention to this moment. Visa-free and relative stability in the market also play a role: there are no sharp currency fluctuations. “We don’t forget about the possibility of installment payments. People realize that even if they change their mind, they will lose not so much for the money,” adds Vladimir Shvets.

The prerequisites for such a situation with early booking, according to the interlocutors, were formed last year: tourists saw that there was indeed no large-scale "burning" in a number of mass destinations. Thereby, the conclusion that it is really possible and necessary to deal with the early booking of tours is becoming increasingly stronger in the mass consciousness. As for Tunisia, the popularity of tours to this country was most likely affected by last year’s situation with the shutdown of Oasis Travel and often the higher price compared to other summer destinations.