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Nudist beaches of Crimea

2013-08-26 | views: 6376

Nudism as a phenomenon recently started to get more and more fans. Not spared this phenomenon and the beaches of the Crimean peninsula.


Wild beach Simeiz

What is love: this beach is hard to find. However, this has its advantages - your naked body will be hidden from prying glaz.Chtoby go down to the sea, not everyone is willing to negotiate the steep and sloping footpath. Usually there are very few people, so the Wild beach Simeiza formed a kind of get-together nudists, where everyone znayut.Zdes even each have their place. Nudists sunbathing on the large flat stones.

Is not it like: at this nudist beach Crimea love to rest mostly gay men, the majority - gei.Odnako for girls it can be an advantage: you have to nihneinteresny, so no one will stick, you can safely enjoy the gentle rays of the sun.

How to get there: the nudist beach Simeiza somewhere in the middle of the mountain cat, aside from the Blue Bay. From Simeiza have to go on the road along the mountains. On the observation deck, where the road widens, go down two paths. You need a first path that goes left. On it will come to the Swan Wing cliff, surrounded by a beautiful grove of juniper, below is a nudist beach.


What is love: in mid-August on the beach goes "naked" theatrical "Neptune Day". Wonderful fun for outdoor enthusiasts in the noisy company.

Is not it like: This beach is located just outside the city, so if you want privacy, you just come to the wrong address. However, on the other hand, if you get tired vacation in the nude, at any time be able to go to the regular beach, the only border between them - dry creek. Also keep in mind that this nude beach is pebbly.

How to get there: from the center of Koktebel you need to get out of the waterfront, turn left and walk along the public beach, right after it begins nudist. If you're on your own car, then at the turn, before you reach the center of Koktebel is camping. Here you can leave your car and walk through the campsite to the sea, you will go directly to a nude beach.


What is love: you just have to like the beautiful natural surroundings of this beach with the smallest pebble. It is located in the Cape Marian, enclosed on three sides by cliffs.

Why not enjoy: the road to the beach - very uncomfortable and difficult. We'll have to jump between the rocks and avoid the rocks. Be sure to take care of comfortable shoes when you're going on vacation.

How to get there: in Yalta near the food market have to take the bus number 34 and get off at the Nikitsky botanical garden. Then walk to the pier "Botanical Garden", where ships come to Yalta. Then turn left and around the beach resort "House of Scientists." If there is to be closed, have to go back to the dock and go through the territory of the sanatorium to the beach. Follow along the shore towards the Gurzuf.


What is love: there are few people, and the sea is very clean. However, it should be noted, has very mixed reviews about it. The best time to come here - before 11 am and after 16:00 - and the little people, and a contingent of decent. What's not to like: mostly men on the beach, the beach itself - were in bad condition. In the center is a large wheelie urna.Plyazh fenced, located behind the fence "Knights beach", where often playing loud "club" music.

Getting there: From Yalta to the beach can be reached by train - to go to the third stop. Or by shuttle bus ride to the beach "Sunny Paradise", and next to it and there is a nude beach.


Just a small town two nudist beach. However, on the beaches, near the waterfront, practiced night swimming naked. Sign in nudist beaches will learn from the inscriptions on the concrete. The first of these - the most visited.

What is love: on the beach is very clean, there is even an ashtray. The beach is rented, tenants watch cleanliness, often hosts various competitions and entertainment programs. On a nudist beach Alushta can rent a catamaran and relax in the recreation tent - 10 UAH. per hour. There is also a safety deposit box, you can find them in special tents.

Is not it like: to go far from the main resorts

How to get there: after the beach "Neva", "Golden Ear", "Youth", "Spartacus", to the east of Seaside Park Alushta, around 2 kilometers between two concrete breakwaters is the beach.

Another small beach, which has become a favorite destination for nudists because of its coziness, located on the waterfront of Professor's Corner. It is located to the west of Alushta in the so-called Chernovsk stones.

Also, to the east of the city lovers can visit the bare bay between Love and Rybalsky Malorechensky here "naked" rest more recently offers a nudist beach at Cape Suter.