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New edition of license conditions

2018-11-15 | views: 361

The draft changes in the licensing conditions for the implementation of tour operator activities will add work to the providers of travel services. For example, they will have to promptly post information on flight delays on the website and send this information to the email address of the licensing authority. And also to publish and for two years to store on the site information about their travel agent partners (including the presence of their guarantee, the number of contracts for tour services and an indication of the country of temporary stay of tourists sent under these contracts). There is a long-standing discussion in the project about the presence in the state of at least 30% of employees with work experience in tourism for more than three years or with a university degree in tourism. Among other conditions - the need to update the tour operator fingaranty on the next business day after the guarantee payment. The document is published on the website of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade.

Almost all points of the tourist industry met with criticism. “It’s not a problem to publish the list of travel agents we work with. The question is how to count the number of contracts for travel services, because we’re not concluding them, but travel agencies with tourists,” says Join UP! Dmitry Seroukhov. According to him, it is extremely difficult to oblige partners to provide such information, because this implies disclosing the sales volumes of each travel agency. “Do we have this right? And are travel agencies interested in it?”, Dmitry Seroukhov asks.

There is no clarity and agency fingaranty. "At best, 5% of agencies inform about re-issuing fingoranty," says Elena Rudik, director of Delicious Travel. And to influence the situation, in her opinion, is also not easy. Of course, you can assign someone to check each agency, but this can take a lot of time, especially if the tour operator cooperates with hundreds or thousands of travel agencies. “And the requirement to update the fingoranty of tour operators after making payments on them is generally some kind of sur. After all, it’s common knowledge that such a principle of compensation does not work,” adds Director of Apollo-Tour Andrei Demura. He believes that this mechanism is long overdue to radically update - in order to be able to actually receive compensation in the event that the tour operator does not fulfill its obligations.

Surprise cause and other requirements. The interlocutors remind that it is completely incomprehensible why tour operators should provide the regulator with data on flight delays (even there is no division into regular and charter flights) - these statistics should be requested from carriers. The demand for specialized education and work experience also looks strange - as the history of the travel industry shows, this is by no means a guarantee of the company's prosperity. “The list is clearly redundant, there are no such requirements for tour operators anywhere in the world. I believe that the state should introduce an effective guarantee mechanism. Everything else is an internal matter for the tour operators themselves,” says Pegas Tourist Director Dmitry Karyakin.

However, there is an opinion that additions to licensing conditions are the result of an attempt to introduce changes in tourism legislation. “This is the easiest way to lobby for the necessary changes - not through the bill on tourism, which is unknown when they will be considered, but through a resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers.