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Museum of Devils

2019-05-21 | views: 318

You can touch the world of mysticism at the original exhibition in Kaunas. Museum of Devils - one of a kind, which presents an amazing collection of statues, masks, figurines and various images of devils and other evil spirits.

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The exposition is located in the central part of the city, in the house where its founder, a Lithuanian artist, painter and prominent public figure Antanas Zhmuidzinavičius, lived for a long time.

It all started with the artist's personal collection, in 1906 he was presented with an unusual gift - a souvenir devil, which later became the first exhibit. Having received such a gift, Antanas Zhmuidzinavichyus decided to collect 13 devils, as he always considered the number 13 to be happy. Passion has taken an important place in the life of the painter, and after some time, the collection already included 260 copies of various textures, shapes, colors, with completely different characters. Residents and guests of Kaunas, having learned about the birth of an unusual collection, began to help in its replenishment. Thus, Zhmuidzinavichyus's fascination helped Kaunas to acquire a unique mystical museum.

The founder of the Museum of Devils died in 1966, and an exhibition was organized in his house, which displayed exhibits collected over the years. The collection of mysterious characters continues to grow today. Tourists and citizens bring to the museum interesting and original versions of devils and devils. Unclean power is represented by samples from Europe, Africa, North America and Asia. Currently, the collection has more than 3,000 exhibits.

It is noteworthy that in the museum you can meet devils, about whom it was written in the classical literature, the devilish images of the world-famous political leaders will not remain without attention.

The museum has a shop where you can buy an unusual souvenir as a souvenir. There is a small cafe where you can relax and have a budget, but have a tasty lunch. Things can be left in the wardrobe of the museum.

Different impressions remain from visiting this unusual place, it can be fun and eerie, the museum of devils will long remain in the memory of its guests.

Time and cost of attendance

An adult ticket to the museum costs 2 euros, and children 1 euro. You can visit the museum with an organized tour. Guide services in Lithuanian will cost € 8, and in English and Russian - € 12.

There is also an audio guide in the museum, but only in Lithuanian, Polish and English. This service costs 4 €.

There are various discounts and benefits. For example, from 09.01 to 06.01, EU citizens can visit the museum every Wednesday for free.

The museum devils work all year round according to the same schedule: Tuesday-Sunday 11.00-17.00, and on Thursdays 11.00-19.00.

How to get there

The nearest public transport stop is 500 meters away - “Student Square” (Studentu skveras), which can be reached by trolleybus No. 1, 5, 7, 13, 13N, 16; buses number 6, 6A, 10, 12, 18, 23, 27, 29, 35, 35, 37N, 39, 47; route taxi number 51, 52, 56, 57.