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Meet the New Year on the beach

2018-12-22 | views: 407

Let's forget about the deeply rooted stereotypes that the New Year is a tree, tangerines and fresh snow. Santa Claus, for example, can be black, and his bag will be packed with exotic fruits and bottles of rum! We offer three options for how to spend the holidays in the Caribbean.


Nightly beach carnivals under the tropical fireworks colored with fireworks, exotic dishes and cold champagne will not leave a chance to boredom. Moreover, many Dominican resorts are known for their first-class hotels with impeccable service. On the islands there are both small secluded hotels, perfectly suited for a romantic vacation for newlyweds, as well as huge hotels with gigantic entertainment complexes that are perfect for families with children. Many Dominican resorts are known for their first-class hotels with impeccable service. Humpback whales on New Year's Eve swim in the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea to acquire offspring. The weather in January in the Dominican Republic is magnificent, and the beach holidays are not overshadowed by thunderstorms or typhoons. And the best gift for holidaymakers is the opportunity to watch the humpback whales in Samoa Bay, which just at this time swim in the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea to get offspring. And if these impressions are not enough for you, you can combine a vacation on the beaches of the Dominican Republic with an exciting New Year meeting in New York.


If you prefer to beach relaxation cognitive excursions, then you can not escape Mexico. Moreover, since this year the country has introduced a visa regime that is as easy as possible for Russians. To get a visa to Mexico, the Russians need to fill out an electronic form on the website of the embassy, ​​get a registration number and find out the date of reception at the consulate. Then, with all the necessary documents, you must come to the consular section on the specified date. The seaside resort of Cabo San Lucas is known for its natural arch on the border of the Gulf of California. In Mexico, the cradle of ancient civilizations, tourists provided a lot of educational excursions. Mexico is the cradle of ancient civilizations. Meeting the New Year in this country can be an unusual experience. European religious traditions miraculously intertwined with the cults of the aborigines and the slaves brought from Africa, creating an amazing culture. What is worth at least one "All Saints Day" mutated in Mexico on the "Feast of the Dead"? But Mexicans do not promise dark rituals for tourists, although participation in the same world-famous New Year ritual is inevitable. You will be blindfolded, given a stick and offered to break a Mexican pinata suspended from a rope - an earthen vessel painted with images of animals and fabulous monsters. You will be surprised what an unforgettable pleasure under the joyful cries of the crowd to get under the rain of all kinds of sweets and fruits.


If we are talking about the Caribbean, it is impossible not to mention Cuba. Having spent the old year, the Cubans immediately begin to celebrate the Day of Liberation, which just falls on January 1 - it is as if we began to celebrate the New Year and Victory Day at the same time. So you definitely won't have to miss the officially still communist island: the rivers of Roma, famous cigars, mulattos and the atmosphere of general merriment sweep the thoughts of the homeland out of consciousness, where it is overcast and sleet. Chic Cuban landscapes can be a good background for the New Year 2010. Today, Cuba is a cheerful island with good-natured inhabitants, rich life and crowds of tourists from all over the world. The atmosphere of Cuba, which Ernest Hemingway and Al Capone loved so much, could not be killed either by ardent revolutionaries or by fifty years of socialism. And when the “fiery” Fidel was finally tired of power, Cuba gradually returned to its natural state. It has become a cheerful tropical island with smiling good-natured residents and crowds of tourists from all over the world, and not a base of ballistic missiles and a stronghold of communism. Today, Cuba can provide tourists with excellent hotels, working on the system “all inclusive”, tens of kilometers of white sand beaches, numerous restaurants and rich nightlife, which by the intensity of passions far surpasses European resorts, which, of course, contributes a lot to Latin American music and the aboriginal and aboriginal .

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