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Festival Cold Yar

2019-07-03 | views: 3928

The festival "Cold Yar" is calling on the small homeland of Bohdan Khmelnitsky. In the village of Subotov, Chigirinsky District, Cherkasy Oblast, in the small homeland of Bogdan Khmelnitsky, a large-scale all-Ukrainian festival of the unconquered Nation "Cold Yar" will take place on July 5-7.

According to the Ukrainian Institute of National Memory, the festival location will unfold near the Ilinsky Church, depicted on the back of a 5 UAH note.

The program of the festival includes music and guitar scenes, literary offensive, travels on Cold Story, sports competitions, a playground, fairs and master classes from masters, lectures on history and coverage of thematic historical exhibitions.

In particular, Vladimir Vyatrovich, head of the Ukrainian Institute of National Memory, history researcher of the liberation movement with a lecture “Restoration of national memory. What has been done in five years and how to save it” will take part in the gutiry.

The festival also held a tournament on shooting them. Miroslava Thoughts of the “Hunter”, master classes for children in Cossack martial arts, screening of the film “The call sign“ Banderas ”.

For visitors there is a tent camp.

A detailed program of the event can be found here.