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Features holiday in the Dominican Republic

2019-01-31 | views: 441

Tourists in their reviews about the rest in the Dominican Republic celebrate the incredibly beautiful nature, which has not yet had time to suffer from the destructive human activities. This is a country with magnificent bounty beaches with clean white sand and clear waters of the Atlantic and Caribbean. Coral reefs, palm trees with coconuts, an abundance of tropical fruits, aromatic coffee and a contagious atmosphere of serenity and leisurely reigning here. Divers and snorkelers are enthusiastically exploring the underwater world, which, according to their reviews, is in no way inferior to the famous Maldives.

A certain clarity of the Dominican resorts under the American tourist who is looking for comfort has the best effect on the development of infrastructure. There is everything for a good rest: comfortable hotels, equipped beaches, bars, night clubs and SPA-centers. True, the glittery-gingerbread mansions and the luxurious buildings of expensive hotels are a bit discordant with the modest dwellings of simple Dominicans.

However, the Dominicans themselves, despite all their natural serenity, do not make an impression of naive and simple-minded. They are firmly convinced that tourists come here to waste money, so their main occupation was to lure out rusting bills from visitors by any available means. Sometimes these funds go beyond the limits provided by law. That is why, in the reviews about holidays in the Dominican Republic, experienced tourists strongly recommend not to change currency in questionable places, carry small amounts of cash in their pockets, pay small bills, since you can simply not wait for the change and leave the hotel territory unaccompanied.

For lovers of independent travel, the Dominican Republic risks remaining unrecognized. This is clearly not a country where you can move freely using public transport and short nights in cheap guesthouses. You can, of course, rent a car, but the driving style of the locals differs from the generally accepted one and is subject to a single rule - who is more arrogant, and that has an advantage. So adventurers will find them here on their head with 100% probability.

Weather in the Dominican Republic: when is it better to go?

In the Dominican Republic dominates a humid tropical climate with a pronounced rainy season and a dry winter season. The greatest amount of precipitation falls from May to September, and the humidity is so high that the laundry does not have time to dry. For almost the entire year, the air temperature is kept at + 30 ° C during the day and + 22 ° C at night.

In summer, the air can heat up above + 36 ° C, and the water in the sea + 29 ° C. But the most unpleasant natural phenomenon that can seriously and permanently spoil the rest is typhoons. Hurricanes start from August-September and can continue until the end of autumn, therefore during this period it is better to refuse to travel. From November to April, the high tourist season lasts, the air cools down to comfortable temperatures during the day + 27 ° C, +22 ... + 24 ° C at night, water in the sea + 26 ° C, there is no rain or very little. Tourists leave especially good reviews about holidays in the Dominican Republic in December, January, February.

In addition to the standard entertainment of beach resorts, as well as diving, snorkeling, yachting and fishing, excursions are offered in the Dominican Republic. Trips mainly come down to the inspection of natural beauty and architectural monuments from the times of the colonial past. Christopher Columbus, the discoverer of the New World, wished to be buried on the island of Haiti before his death, and the Dominicans are very sensitive to the personality of the great navigator. A huge monument to the traveler - the Columbus Lighthouse - stands on the embankment in Santo Domingo, a museum is immediately opened in his honor.

In winter, you can watch humpback whale games from the yacht. True, many tourists swear that they saw only the tails of giant mammals and boiling water, but here you can understand the organizers of the outdoor event, whales are still not doggy dogs, and it’s safer to keep them away.

With regard to prices for holidays in the Dominican Republic, in the reviews for the year 2018, tourists note the high cost of tours - from $ 25 to $ 150 per person. Actually, the rest itself can hardly be called cheap: a car rental costs $ 80-90 a day, a taxi ride around the city is $ 15-20.

Dominican cuisine was influenced by many cultures, it reflected the African, Spanish, Portuguese and Caribbean traditions. Many tourists find it tasty, although somewhat heavy. The main products are rice, pulses, green bananas and meat. Seafood is used less often and is served mostly baked or fried with coconut chips. Dine in a cafe costs $ 30-50, tips - 10% of the amount on the check - are usually included in the bill.

Tourists in the reviews about the rest and prices in the Dominican Republic say that shopping lovers are limited to buying souvenirs: buy rum, cigars, coffee and the local Viagra - Mamahuana. This is a 40-degree potion with unproven efficacy, infused with herbs and roots, but extremely popular among the male population.

To find a bad beach in the Dominican Republic, you need to try very hard.

This is the main attraction of the country, for the sake of what here go on vacation. Holidaymakers in Macau, Bavaro and Punta Cana are impressed by the whitest sand on the beach with the smallest pink particles. This unusual shade gives it shredded corals.

The sandy coast of the Samana Peninsula is full of caves and waterfalls, and tall coconut palms stretch along the coastline. It is here that humpback whales swim, and the water off the coast is so clear that this place has become a favorite with divers.

Describing holidays in the Dominican Republic in 2018, tourists in reviews often mention the most beautiful coast that can be seen on the reserved island of Saona. There are no operating hotels here, and tourists are brought only for an excursion. Beaches with fine white sand, reminiscent of flour pounded into dust, and lonely palm trees leaning over the water - just an idyllic picture with advertising posters.

Beach holidays in the Dominican Republic can be called heavenly. Beautiful landscapes, dancing with songs and serene atmosphere perfectly relax and tune in to the positive. The only thing that may not like it is algae, which periodically wave a wave ashore. All the beaches in the Dominican Republic are cleaned, but sometimes they do it not too quickly.