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A trip to Paris how to dress tourist

2019-02-12 | views: 350

Were going to make a tourist trip to Paris, but there are doubts about the choice of wardrobe for exploring the city? Do not know what French women usually wear, how they comb their hair, how they apply makeup? And in general, how is it worth to dress so as not to look ridiculous in public places ...


Everyone knows that the aborigines of the capital of beauty have an innate sense of style. Wherever there is a Parisian, she is always dressed appropriately. Elegance, a sense of proportion, impeccable taste - the best helpers of French women when choosing a set of clothes for a particular event. They are able, with charming casualness, to complement their costumes and dresses with accessories that rivet attention to their owner.

It cannot be said that Parisians stand out so strongly from the crowd, however, it is possible to distinguish them from tourists without any difficulty. Many women who are planning a tourist trip to France are trying too hard to imitate the native inhabitants. As a result, on the road they take either flashy things, or too austere.

Bermudas, flip-flops and tracksuits are very practical and comfortable clothing, appropriate for exploring Disneyland and for visiting the Stade de France stadium. But how ridiculous in this form to walk on the Place Vendome and near the church du Dom. Of course, no one walks around the center of the city, buttoned all the buttons. Informal clothing can be very elegant and, at the same time, comfortable. Natural fabrics and materials are the main secrets of the convenience of shoes, dresses, jackets, sweaters, coats and jackets. At any time of the year, a Parisian woman wears sunglasses, scarves, hats. Her essential attributes in cloudy weather are a fashionable umbrella and gloves.

Even a very successful combination of wardrobe details and well-chosen jewelery for clothes is not all. Do not forget about makeup, hair, manicure and pedicure. The Frenchwoman skillfully uses decorative cosmetics, applies make-up, emphasizing the dignity of her face. The tonal basis, a pair of successful strokes of a brush with rouge, lipstick or gloss, matching the colors of clothes, make the face natural and radiant. Girls from the banks of the Seine are very fond of hairpieces, all kinds of haircuts and classic hairstyles. By styling the hair should not be too creative to not stand out from the crowd on the street Rivoli.

Classic French manicure is a good solution, but Parisian women are not conservative with regard to nail care. Tourist with a moon manicure, they will take for their neighbor. Two requirements are made to the appearance of the feet in sandals - a good pedicure and clean skin. Road dust, which inevitably falls on its feet during long walks, must be periodically removed with a damp cloth.

It is very important to know exactly which public places you are going to visit today. The appearance in a Catholic cathedral on excursions in cowboy boots and an open top is the height of indecency. However, in the disco you will find in this form a stylish and interesting. If it is impossible to enter the hotel between events and change clothes, put on a thin sweater and a dark skirt before going out, and take with you, just in case, the second one - a lighter and more elegant one.

A little bit about jeans ... Over time, the attitude of the French towards them has changed for the better. The compilers of restaurant dress codes have already come to terms with the sympathy of their visitors. Of course, jeans should not look untidy, as if you had worked in them a shift in the workshop. Daytime option - dark jeans with a high waist, jumper, low-heeled shoes, or ballet flats. Evening - tight jeans with a trendy strap, stiletto heels, silk blouse or natural wool sweater.

Meanwhile, real Parisians do not spend hours on shopping and trying on clothes. They follow the trends of world podiums, know how high-quality things from this or that material should look, and from the labyrinth of shelves of a department store only the most stylish are brought to the checkout.

After pleasant walks in one of the most amazing cities on the planet, you will take with you to your homeland a new perception of fashion that will change you once and for all.