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Rest in Kerch"You were in Kerch?" - Sung in a popular comic song. Indeed, Kerch some distance from other Crimean resort towns, but without a doubt deserves your attention. The main attraction is Mount Mitrodat Kerch, located in the heart of the city. On it are remains of the ancient city Panticapean. It was...


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In the new year, Norfin has launched new products for sale, including the Norfin Trout 5 tent
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The weather in Mukachevo in the coming month will not please the residents of the city with spring heat, on the contrary, February and early March will be frosty. The last weeks of winter will be quite cold, but little snow. The weather forecast for the month in Mukachevo was prepared by the Pogodni
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The bedspread performs a decorative function, protects bed linen from dirt, replaces a full-fledged blanket.
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photoNew Year and Christmas holidays in Chernivtsi

It is in the narrow streets, in the colorful courtyards, the architectural variety, the aromas of cozy cafes, urban traditions, the inspiration that does not sleep, that you feel with every step of the cobblestones. And no matter how piercingly cold, the city welcomes you with warm hospitable embrac
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